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Well, we’ve been bringing our dog, Madison to Especially For Pets now for two and half years. I still remember the day we brought her into the daycare for the first time. She was still a tiny puppy, but we knew after that first day, that she had found her home away from home. Every one at EFP treats Maddy like family and it shows. Maddy is happy, social and well behaved and the credit goes to all of you.  So it is time to say thanks. Thanks for the convenient store and daycare hours, thanks for researching and stocking, the best pet food available, thanks for being the kindest and most talented dog groomers, and thanks for always having a smile and good stories and great dog advise.   -Linda & Brad

Forget that, she doesn’t have a clue what I do in a day….Hello, my name is Madison. I’m a cocker spaniel and I’m two and a half years old. I learned how to type at Especially For Pets. I’ve had my drivers drop me off  here since I was a puppy and if I have my way (and who are we kidding, it’s embarrassing how  easy it is to get my way) I’ll be coming here forever. They call it a daycare and a store and a grooming business, but I call it a spa and health facility. Every day I meet my friends, old and new, and we have our daily exercise and social activities, followed by naps and snacks. We also have regularly scheduled beautifying hair and nail treatments. This is a dog’s life and I’m spreading the word.   -Madison