Intermediate Classes

Especially 4 Pets - Pet Supplies, Pet Grooming, and Dog Training in Calgary, AlbertaIntermediate Classes

Cultured Canines Intermediates

Take the first step in advancing your dog’s level of training. Cultured Canine Intermediates focuses on strengthening your pup’s basic commands learned from Cultured Canine Basics with off leash training in mind. The commands for Stand, Finish, and possibly motion exercises are taught during this session as well.

Prerequisite: Cultured Canines Basics and vaccinations up to date (DHLL & Rabies)


Real World Metropawlitan

Take your newfound obedience out to the real world where you need it most! From the wide open trails to the busy streets of downtown, learn to build your dog’s reliabilty in practical obedience no matter what new environments you encounter.  Enjoy the experience of developing your own Metropawlitan-the truly distinguished and well mannered canine citizen!

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Cultured Canine Basics & Cultured Canine Intermediates


Sport Foundations

Info to come