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A year ago my husband and I adopted an American Staffordshire Terrier.  I pride myself in being highly organized so I thought I was well prepared having reads lots about dogs, specifically rescues, and having talked to a lot of dog owners, boy was I wrong.  After deciding Fella was the dog for us and while waiting out the period of time till we could actually bring him home I started looking into classes and day cares.  Especially for Pets came highly recommended to us by a friend and after the first call to Cori I knew we were in good hands.  She answered all of my eight thousand questions with patience and compassion.  The first night we brought Fella to class we discovered he was dog aggressive, which Suzanne, the trainer based out of Especially for Pets, later helped as figure out was fear based and very workable.  Cori and Jason immediately, upon seeing Fella react poorly towards the other dogs, took control of the situation and offered my husband and I advise on how to handle this and the proper collar to be using to help us control him.  Cori and Jason have assisted as in training, food education, learning about collars/leashes and just by genuinely caring about our dog.  It‘s not just Cori and Jason that are compassionate and patient but this also extends to the grooming staff, Carla and Kaitlyn, whom Fella absolutely loves.  Last, but certainly not least, Suzanne, whom I could never say enough about, has been amazing.  When we first got Fella he could not be within twenty feet of another dog without him reacting in some way however since we started working with Suzanne Fella has graduated from Basic Obedience Class, Tricks Class, Behaviour Modification and is now in an Intermediate Class.  In addition to all of this he is now able to play with the other dogs at Day Care in a very positive manner and without any negative reaction.  All and all my husband and I could never thank Especially for Pets enough for everything they have done for us and Fella!    -Lindsay
Almost exactly 4 years ago I brought home my first dog, well the first dog I ever had as an adult. A lot of people thought I was crazy for bringing a Rottweiler home as my first dog…but I was determined to show them how wrong they were! Before I even brought my little puppy Jasper home I had already read about 10 books on training; such as socialization, house training and walking on a leash. I had also researched the Rottweiler breed very thoroughly and spent hours talking with anyone I knew who had a dog. I felt pretty confident that I would have no problem training my new dog – well I completely under-estimated the difference between information from a book and actually hands-on training.
Don’t get me wrong, I knew I was going to have to take training classes (more for me than for Jasper!) and did lots of research for that perfect trainer. After hearing lots of good things about Kim at Especially for Pets I went and sat in on a few classes to see what her style was like and how she interacted with the dogs – I knew from the first class I sat in on that Especially for Pets was going to be where I was going to do my training. What I really liked when I saw her classes was there was a great balance between positive reinforcement and corrections when needed. I grew up in the ’80’s where dog training was all about reprimanding the dog and blaming the dog for the bad behaviour.
One of the things that I like the best at Especially for Pets is the training is as beneficial to the dogs as it is to the owners! Kim is fantastic at calling a spade a spade….since I had never trained a dog before, I needed to be told exactly what I was doing wrong so that I could remedy it right way.  Over the course of the first year with Jasper we took training with Kim every chance we could – and I am very happy to say that Jasper is a very well-trained and well-mannered dog. To this day, I still get compliments on how good she is – even from people who aren’t dog people or who are afraid of Rottweilers. I couldn’t have done it with Kim and Especially for Pets.
Four years later, and 2 additional rotties added to my family, I continue my training at Especially for Pets with Kim and Cori. Needless to say, I have proven those who thought I was crazy for having my first dog as a Rottweiler wrong – and I couldn’t have done it without Kim and Especially for Pets. I continue, and will continue to, recommend Especially for Pets to anyone for their training needs!  -Carla