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Metropawlitan Dog Training was founded by myself and my beloved Akita, C.C., in 2006.

Over our 12 years together, C.C. and I accomplished the impossible dreams: we were the first ever in Alberta to win the highest scoring Akita in Obedience, posed as the poster and demonstration team for the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Team in Yellowknife, and successfully taught numerous dog owners how to create the same relationships with their dogs—from raising puppies to rehabilitating behavior issues in adult dogs.

C.C. was the first of her kind—a true Metropawlitan.  Beautiful, noble, well mannered—a dog that you could truly take with you anywhere and be able to relax and enjoy her company.  She was a dog that was welcome in places where generally dogs were prohibited.  She was loved by those who swore they would never love a dog.  She became the inspiration for the vision of Metropawlitan Dog Training.

Combined with an Animal Science degree from the University of Alberta, a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist certification from the Triple Crown Dog Academy in Texas, and over 5 years of real world experience both in and out of the competition ring, my skills and knowledge as a trainer and instructor has allowed CC and I to recreate Metropawlitans for numerous dog owners alike.

In her last few years, C.C. had one more gift to give – she taught my two new successors – two German Shepherds, Cavalli and Kimora to help her carry on her ambassador roles for her kind.  Both have become teachers in their own rights.  With the two of them at my side, I have learned much in understanding how to fulfill both a human and a dog’s natural innate needs – both on and off the competitive sport field.  I have learned much in understanding and communicating with dogs in their own language, in being able to honor and respect the rules and boundaries they live by in their pack order, in being able to use these skills to communicate our human expectations to them in a manner that is clear and fair, and in being able to share the secrets of their world with pet owners and lovers just like you.

With C.C.’s passing, she has left behind a legacy for me and my pack to go on fulfilling—a gift that we had the privilege of sharing, and now one we would like to share with you: Creating the Art of a Balanced Relationship. We welcome you to join us on our journey of helping you create your very own Metropawlitan.