Salty Dog K9 Scent Bag

Salty Dog K9 Scent Bag

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Use to teach tug for dogs that are not tug motivated or to teach a dog to tug harder, our Scent Bag is made of heavy-duty, durable PVC-coated, fiberglass-reinforced mesh it has no exposed seams (even the side seams are finished). Fill with a semi-soft treat - stinky cheese, chicken, hotdogs or pungent dried tripe - and watch your dog “drive” to the smell. The harder the dog "bites" the mesh pouch, the more food squeezes through the mesh and the more the dog is reinforced. Or fill with a dried treat and use for training lead-outs or distance. A Velcro pull-open top gives quick access to treats. Measures 8” wide by 4” deep (20cm by 10cm). Large 7” (18cm) handle. Length: 22" (57cm). Machine washable, cold water; hang to dry.

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