Unicorn Cat & Narwhal 2 PK

Unicorn Cat & Narwhal 2 PK

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Petstages cat toys are the purrfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. Cats will pounce and chase as they play with this 100% Catnip filled Unicorn Cat & Narwhal 2 pack of cat toys. Colorful feathers and crinkle sounds excite and intrigue cats to bat, pounce and stalk magically fun cat toys.

  • CRINKLE MAGIC: Cats naturally love crinkle! That’s why the Unicorn Cat & Narwhal 2 pack crinkles when it is squeezed and batted helping to keep your cat playing and engaged.
  • 100% CATNIP: Stuffed with catnip to encourage energetic play, Petstages Unicorn Cat & Narwhal 2 pack will excite cats and help keep them interested with these cute cat toy! The perfect size for kitty to swat and bat while catnip keeps them energized and entertained.
  • TOSS & BAT: Cats have a natural instinct to bat and pounce and the Unicorn Cat & Narwhal 2 Pack cat toys are lightweight enough for kitties to bat and swat and perfect for tossing to encourage playful pouncing.

3.5" L x 6.5" W x 1.75" H

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