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About our daycare:

  • Serving Calgary dog lovers since 1989
  • Dogs grouped together with like-minded playmates
  • Supervised by employees trained in dog behavior
  • Two outdoor walks per day, 4 for puppies
  • Fun activities planned on a regular basis
  • Just minutes from downtown


1 Day


5 Days


10 Days


20 Days


40 Days


*There is no expiry on packages. Second dog in family receives 20% off.



Monday – Friday: 7am-6pm

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed



  • Current vaccinations: Rabies, distemper & parvo or positive tieter results
  • Introduced to crate (except puppies under 6 months)
  • A fun loving dog!

What to bring:                 

  • Food in a labeled container (optional)
  • Medication with instructions if required
  • Dog bed (optional)

Why choose our daycare?

Much like with young children, daycare helps build a positive foundation of good social skills which can makes training much easier throughout your dog’s lifetime.

At Especially 4 Pets, we monitor your dog’s social skill growth and development carefully and adjust their assigned playgroups as they mature to help them continue developing their social skills with a wide variety of dogs in a safe and fun environment.

Your dog will enjoy a 1000 square foot playroom where he will learn to hone his social skills with other dogs. Our facility is always monitored by staff that are well versed in dog body language.

While your dog waits for his play group to start he has the opportunity to rest. This is an important feature of our daycare as it teaches the dog to settle and reinforces rest periods throughout play - something that socially savvy dogs instinctively know how to do to keep the energy peaceful in the pack.

Rested dogs tend to play just as enthusiastically during each play period as when they first arrived in the morning. This means that they burn more energy and as a result, they go home tired, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing evening with your pet.

Your dog will be taken for a walk outside twice a day (4 times for puppies) to have a chance to relieve himself and get some fresh air before his next playtime.

We keep detailed notes on your dog's progress so that we are always on top of any changes in their behavior or health status. We work with you to deliver the best care for them as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

We plan special events throughout the year to give your dog an opportunity to experience new things and show off what they’ve learned at “school”. Participating in games, posing for a photo booth or running an obstacle course keeps things new and exciting every day!

Interested in more details about our service? Please feel free to call us and ask any questions you may have! Click here to book a meet and greet at a time that’s convenient for you. We look forward to meeting you and your dog!


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