Back to Basics Rabbit Meal

Back to Basics Rabbit Meal

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Whole ground bone-in rabbit, including organs. Rabbit is very lean and extremely high in protein. Rabbit has a high concentration of Vitamin B12,  as well as potassium, Magnesium and Iron. 

Rabbit is a novel protein which is a great choice for dogs with sensitivities and makes an excellent addition to any diet, to add healthy variety. If feeding as an elimination diet, we suggest adding in a multivitamin such as Omega Alpha Nutrify. (Not recommended as a balanced diet for puppies)


Whole ground rabbit. 

Guaranteed Analysis

Analysis As Fed Dry Matter
Moisture 72% 27%
Protein  17% 60%
Fat 8% 28%
Fibre 0.01% 0.04%
Ash 3.40% 12.29%
Calcium  1.34% 4.84%
Phosphorus  0.7% 2.54%
Calcium per 1000cal 8.1g
Ca:P 1.9:1  
Magnesium  0.03% 0.08%
Potassium 0.19% 0.59%
Sodium 0.06% 0.21%
Chloride 0.22% 0.67%
Sulpher 0.1% 0.50%
Copper 1.08mg/kg 3.89mg/kg
Iron 14.75mg/kg 53.28mg/kg
Manganese 0.87mg/kg 3.16mg/kg
Zinc 22.45mg/kg 81.08mg/kg
kcal/kg 1,667 6,024
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