Feline Feelings

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Feline Feelings

In addition to my two dogs, I am the proud parent of a male orange tabby cat. His name is Kit-Kat and he is six years old. We had a cat at home, for a few years, while I was a teenager. Other than that, I did not have extensive knowledge on felines, at the time of his adoption. I fell in love with him, the first moment he was placed in my arms. He started purring and gazing up at me, and stayed in my hold like a newborn. It was meant to be in my heart. You could say that I learned along the way.
The night we brought him home, we had a bedroom set up for him. We provided him a space space, away from our dogs, as everyone became acclimated. Within a few days, him and our dogs were quick to respect one another, and get along. Our dogs have herding instincts, which kick in, when a small animal quickly runs around. It was interesting, watching Kit-Kat alter his "zoomies", as though to not trigger the dogs into a chase! I quickly learned that he was bright, socially, and wanted to fit right in with the pack. He follows the dogs around everywhere, and will often give them head bumps, or rub up on their sides.
I learned in his kitten years, that he had a very strong need for affection -- just like me! He loves to be held, first thing, upon us arriving home from work. At night, he sits on my husbands' chest, right before we fall asleep. We think that is his way of saying "Goodnight." When I am on my computer, or writing in a notebook, Kit-Kat will jump up and sit right beside my setup. He will flop right over and stare at me, wanting me to pet him with one hand, and write/type with the other. If my husband or I are feeling down, he comes along with the dogs, to show us the love. He will get his motor going at high-speed and purr, while writhing around and making us smile.
Kit-Kat goes absolutely nuts for two things: food and fetch with his mouse toys. This is perfect for our household, as our dogs are also motivated by their stomachs and fetch with their ball. Each evening, we will throw his mice up and down the hallway, and he will scatter and jump, to retrieve it each time -- even bringing it back! As for food, he truly adores most anything. He is currently enjoying a raw diet. I find that he does not drink enough water throughout the day, so offering a moisture-rich meal, ensures he gets that.
Dogs are pawsome, and we all know that. However, cats are very unique creatures, and make a wonderful companions. There's something about his little size and his big, shiny eyes, that makes my heart melt each time I see him. He is like my lil' boy and the dogs are his sisters! If you are blessed with a feline in your home, I am sure you understand just how connected you become to their complex and secret personalities.


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