Carnivora Trout Diet

Carnivora Trout Diet

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Fresh Water Steelhead is a member of the salmon family. This light-tasting fish is a very healthy choice and a great addition to feeding variety in your pet's diet! It contains approximately six grams of omega-3 fatty acids per 8oz patty. Omega-3 fatty acids help protect against disease and arthritis. It's true!


Percentage (%) as Received

Moisture    58.34

Ash      3.12

Fat     18.73

Fiber     0.94

Protein     19.04

Sodium     0.10

Phosphorus     0.77

Potassium     0.23

Calcium     1.25

Magnesium     0.04

Sulfur     0.18

Copper mg/kg    1.93

Iron mg/kg     2.95

Manganese mg/kg     2.95

Zinc mg/kg     24.48

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