Fur Saver Collar

Fur Saver Collar

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If you are an owner of a long-haired dog, this chrome plated chain collar is the one you are searching for.  It has long links to avoid damage of the fur around the neck. At the same time, this tool serves well for obedience training and trials.

This chain collar consists of long wide links with 1/6 inches (4.0 mm) wire gauge that are designed for saving dog's fur. This supply is equipped with 2 O-rings that go one through another creating a choking effect while pulling.

This collar is made of steel covered with chrome. Each collar made of this material has a high-gloss surface. But it is not all. Because these collars are nickel-plated and then subsequently coated with chromium plating, they have a dual long lasting protection against rust. That is why it is suitable for conditions of high humidity and for dogs who love splashing in the river, lake, sea or ocean. However, the rust prevention properties may become lost if the surface is damaged. That is why we cannot undertake a rustproof warranty for any of our products made of plated steel, regardless of the surface finishing.

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